MPHA Forum – Marijuana Legalization: Long Overdue or Threat to Public Health?

In November 2016, Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative put forth by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol that would legalize the use of marijuana and make it available on a commercial basis through regulated retail outlets.  As the state’s leading voice for public health, MPHA invites you to a panel discussion with experts who hold vastly different positions on the issue to hear their reasons why legalization is either long overdue criminal justice reform and necessary regulation of commonly used substance, or will unleash an array of health and public safety concerns for children and adolescents in Massachusetts.

Forum speakers will include:

  • Will Luzier, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, sponsor of the ballot question
  • State Senator Jason Lewis, Chair of the Special Senate Committee on Marijuana
  • Kevin Hill MD, MHS, McLean Hospital
  • Regina Hufnagel, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

When: May 12th 8:30-10:30AM

Where: TBD

This event is free but prior registration is required. Register here.

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