Strong Support for the Massachusetts Food Trust Event at MPHA State House Event

1603-PRO-MPH-D089 adjustedOn March 29, MPHA hosted an event at the State House attended by more than 100 statewide business leaders, community partners and legislators to support the call to fund the Massachusetts Food Trust (Food Trust).  The focus of the event was to take the Food Trust from concept to impact, reminding legislators that it is up to them to launch the program and dedicate funds in order to realize the impact in communities across the Commonwealth.

MPHA’s Executive Director Rebekah Gewirtz kicked off the event by illuminating the fact that Massachusetts has more than 1 million residents, including 300,000 kids, living in communities with limited grocery access, which is contributing to unnecessary health disparities. The Food Trust will support retail as well as other types of food enterprises that create jobs in low and moderate income communities. Keynote Patricia Smith illustrated how the Massachusetts Food Trust, a program modeled on a proven national strategy, has the potential to unlock significant private investments into communities, bringing jobs, increased food access, and better health outcomes. The show of support for the program couldn’t have been stronger at the event.  Featured speakers Senator Eileen Donoghue and Representative Stephen Kulik expressed their strong support for the Massachusetts Food Trust.  They encouraged their colleagues to favor funding the program in both the FY17 budget and the Economic Development Bill this spring so that the Massachusetts Food Trust can serve as one piece of the puzzle in addressing health inequities throughout the state.

Join MPHA and our Legislative Champions and show your support for the Massachusetts Food Trust Program by contacting your legislators today.

Read MPHA’s Massachusetts Food Trust FY17 Legislative Request

Read ‘Program Pledging Healthy Foods in Low-Income Areas Lacks Funding’ – State House News, March 30, 2016

For more information on the MA Food Trust or to sign-up for MA Food Trust action alerts, contact MPHA Coalition and Field Organizer, Kristina St. Cyr at: or 781-603-6716.

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