Job Posting for BWH, Center for Surgery and Public Health: Administrative Director

Title: Administrative Director

Organization: Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH), Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH)

Brief Summary of Position:

The Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH) is a world leader in health services research, global health, and surgical education research. CSPH serves as the cornerstone for the research programs of a growing number of surgical faculty, including the trainees and staff working with individual faculty members. Under the leadership of the CSPH Kessler Director and the DOS Executive Administrator, the CSPH Administrative Director provides essential counsel and support to the Kessler Director and to the DOS Executive Administrator on administrative, financial, and strategic issues specific to the management and development of the Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH). The Administrative Director serves as a non-faculty staff member of the CSPH, providing executive administrative leadership for the Center, its staff, and its programs and activities. The Administrative Director will play an instrumental role in building the CSPH and its financial sustainability, developing core programs and curriculum, and ensuring CSPH is recognized as the leading health services research and policy center in the nation.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Leadership/Chief of Staff
    • Participates in the creation and the promotion of the CSPH’s mission, vision, and values
    • Is visible, approachable and inspires and motivates others
    • Builds a high performance team
    • Carries forward decisions of the Kessler Director
    • Contributes to high-level strategic planning – identifying strategic aims and anticipating future demands
    • Demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity of CSPH faculty /fellow/staff/collaborator needs
  • Supports needs/programs of more than 16 fellows in CSPH training program
    • Defines CSPH and program results taking into account PI/project/staff needs
    • Establishes and demonstrates expert project management skills and ensures that others achieve objectives contributing to high output and performance standards.
  • Organizational Development and Administration
    • Manages a research core comprised of 15 staff – nearly all academically achieving at least a Master’s level
    • Establishes and communicates clear standards and expectations
    • Provides recognition, builds trust, morale and cooperation within the team
  • Programmatic Development (implementation/assessment/performance improvement/support)
    • Support the research development needs of more than 30 faculty and 8 CSPH faculty leaders
    • Currently oversee management of more than 25 research funds
    • Other essential needs that support the strength and stability of the CSPH


  • Advanced Degree, MBA, MS, MPH, MPP Preferred
  • Management and leadership experience in academic and/or government agencies and/or industry.
  • Expertise in administrative, operational, budgetary, human resources, and financial principles and practices.
  • Expert ability to work with dynamic and diverse group of researchers (faculty, staff, students), sponsors and external collaborators.
  • Excellent understanding of and appreciation for data science approaches and innovations AND the needs, goals and deadline pressures under which academic scientists across the disciplines get their work done.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and negotiation skills, including political acumen, social perceptiveness, and an understanding of different cultures and social norms.
  • Demonstrated expertise with program building within academic institutions.
  • Demonstrated expertise in building collaborations between academia and industry organizations.
  • Expert fundraising and business development experience highly desirable.

To Apply: View full job description and apply here. Contact Emily Wilson, Communications Specialist, Center for Surgery and Public Health (CSPH), Brigham and Women’s Hospital at: with any questions.

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