Job Posting for Health Resources in Action: President

Title: President

Organization: Health Resources in Action

Brief Summary of Position:

Health Resources in Action (HRiA), a non-profit whose mission is to help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy, and research, is seeking a proven leader who brings strategic vision, business acumen and a commitment to addressing today’s most critical public health issues.


Lead the organization and work in concert with the Board, staff and others to develop a vision and strategic direction.

  • Develop a clear vision and strategic priorities, long- and short-term goals, and metrics that will guide implementation and continuous improvement.
  • Secure funding and spur action to continue to ensure excellence.
  • Respect the organization’s passion for the mission while growing innovative business programs, services and practices.
  • Set the tone for an organizational culture that reflects HRiA’s core values. Strengthen and continuously improve HRiA’s organizational capacities and capabilities, its services, systems, human resources and business practices:

Lead and develop a talented, forward-thinking leadership team, empowering them to make decisions.

  • Cultivate and promote Board and staff diversity, in the broadest sense of the word.
    • Recruit and retain talented project and administrative staff, creating multifaceted teams with a broad range of cultural competencies who reflect the diversity of HRIA’s clients and the communities HRiA serves.
  • Ensure that the organization is strategic and agile in developing products and services to address the challenges facing their clients, as the environment changes.
  • Encourage high professional standards.
  • Improve internal policies and procedures to cultivate a culture of openness, fairness and feedback that supports staff and encourages teamwork.
  • Support internal communications and encourage inter-departmental collaboration.

Work effectively in partnership with the Board of Directors.

  • Keep the Board informed on a timely basis about the organization’s financial and operational performance, regulatory compliance, and environmental factors that impact HRiA’s work and opportunities, to enable the Board to make sound decisions that best support HRiA and its mission.
  • Promote ongoing development of a strong Board; keep Board members and committees engaged and focused and leverage their talents.
  • Invest in strengthening the relationship between staff and Board.
  • Promote regular communication and maintain transparency.

Serve as HRiA’s ambassador.

  • Speak eloquently, persuasively and credibly about HRiA in a range of settings, both internally and externally and at the local, regional and national levels.
  • Expand the organization’s visibility, influence and impact in the fields of community health and medical philanthropy, both locally and nationally.

Reach out and build external alliances and relationships.

  • Build mutual trust and strong working relationships with key organizations and other interested parties, including healthcare partners, government agencies, funders, businesses and communities, and advocacy groups who can advance the mission of the organization.
  • Influence and negotiate outcomes in outside partnerships.

Ensure the administrative and financial integrity and health of the organization.

  • Establish long-term financial sustainability and integrity:
    • Create a business development strategy to leverage current work; assess and develop new revenue streams, financial models, lines of business, models of work and fundraising strategies.
    • Develop implementation plans and execute on them; ensure follow through and constant evaluation.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements of funders and others by building the proper controls and providing timely, accurate and complete reporting of financial, administrative and operational information.
  • Ensure that the business model and lines of business are responsive to the needs of the marketplace, while meeting the organization’s goals and the needs of its clients.
  • Oversee the assessment and alignment of systems, organizational structure and roles:
    • Determine infrastructure, process and communication needs.
    • Leverage technology in ways that enhance the organization’s performance.
    • Develop an organization model that fosters innovation while meeting the needs of clients.
  • Use data to evaluate and improve operations and effectiveness, and to document impact and value for current and potential partners, grantors, other funding sources and the public at large.


Proven leader

  • Strategic and credible leader with vision, perseverance and proven ability to lead in a complex, multifaceted organization
  • Track record of leading and navigating change and growth to build vital, sustainable organizations
  • Skilled in navigating the political, economic and healthcare landscapes, including a sophisticated understanding of strategic drivers, trends and outside forces
  • Effective at partnering with and working for a not-for-profit Board of Directors
  • Proactive and skilled at recognizing and creating opportunities and leveraging resources

Gifted listener and communicator

  • Superior communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills: clear and concise, with the ability to expand the visibility, influence and impact of an organization
  • Passionate, compelling and persuasive; comfortable speaking in a wide range of forums
  • Politically astute and diplomatic

Highly skilled manager

  • Strong administrative, fiscal and operational manager with a demonstrated ability to inspire, delegate, and lead high-performing, collaborative teams
  • Respectful of the past with the ability to make positive, sustainable change for the future
  • Demonstrated success in business development, including contract procurement and revenue generation and diversification
  • Able to balance needs and interests of Board, staff and stakeholders

Relationship builder

  • An effective relationship builder, skilled at developing and nurturing effective partnerships and working collaboratively with other individuals and organizations, both locally and nationally

Knowledgeable about public and community health, research, policy and philanthropy

  • Deep and broad understanding of the complex determinants of health and a commitment to building healthier lives and communities
  • Comfortable and effective working at the intersection of public health, research, philanthropy, and policy and able to move in a diversity of public- and private-sector environments including not-for-profit, medical, community and business

Personal Attributes

  • Recognized for integrity; thoughtful, honest and fair
  • Transparent, compassionate, and empathetic
  • Energetic, positive, flexible, and committed to excellence
  • Keen financial, organizational and business acumen
  • Strong commitment and belief in HRiA’s mission and vision and of the importance of health equity and social justice

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