Job Posting for Community Catalyst: Director of the Center for Consumer and Community Engagement in Health System Transformation

Title: Director of the Center for Consumer and Community Engagement in Health System Transformation

Organization: Community Catalyst

Brief Summary of Position:

Community Catalyst, a national non-profit advocacy organization working to build the consumer and community leadership that is required to transform the American health system, is seeking a knowledgeable and exceptionally creative leader to serve as the inaugural Director of its Center for Consumer and Community Engagement (the “Center”). Building on the successes of Community Catalyst and synthesizing its human, financial, and reputational resources, the Director will have an opportunity to create and sustain structures and practices for consumer engagement in transforming the health system, so it is responsive to consumer needs.

Community Catalyst has developed the Center to serve as a hub devoted to transforming the health system with a particular focus on eliminating disparities faced by low-income populations and communities of color through organizing, advocacy, teaching and learning. Supported in part by a five-year $14.8 million legacy grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Center will collaborate with and support the work of Community Catalyst state consumer advocacy organizations and networks along with key national organizations that represent and advocate for the most vulnerable. The Center will provide diverse groups of consumer health advocates with the “next-generation” skills they will need to assess the financial complexity and risk involved with new models of care and the organizing and technical skills necessary to fully participate with powerful stakeholders in health system transformation debates and policy reforms.


  • Developing a strategic direction for the Center that maintains the long-term focus on centering the new American health system on the consumer, while responding to emergent opportunities in a rapidly changing political ecosystem around health.
  • Building the Center with coherence among its many programs and initiatives, while maintaining adherence to Community Catalyst’s larger mission, objectives, history and governance.
  • Fundraising.
  • Translating knowledge and policy expertise to strengthen advocacy and leadership that engages consumers and communities in health system transformation.


  • Broad, diverse knowledge and experience in all aspects of health policy, and substantive, deep experience in health system transformation;
  • A commitment to the mission, goals, and values of Community Catalyst, including nurturing diversity and inclusion, and eliminating health disparities, is critical;
  • A commitment to racial equity, undoing institutional racism and ensuring that the work positively impacts diverse racial and ethnic groups;
  • Significant experience managing and leading a major, complex project or a nonprofit organization, a private or corporate business, or a government department or function, comparable in size and scope to the Center;
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and the capacity to develop innovative programs and partnerships;
  • Strong team-building skills including the ability and desire to lead a mission-driven staff in a complex, highly collaborative organization;
  • Excellent communications skills in all aspects of programmatic work with media, policy-makers, funders, staff, Board and the general public; and
  • A demonstrated record of successful fund-raising from one or more of the following entities: foundations, major individual donors, corporations, federal funding sources and the public at large.

To apply: Read full job description. For more information and to apply, click here.

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