Governor Baker makes 6M in cuts to DPH: Legislature quickly overrides all DPH cuts

On Friday, July 17, 2015 Governor Baker signed the state budget for fiscal year 2016 into law. Governor Baker’s budget kept the final House and Senate budget’s funding for Mass in Motion, language that supports implementation of the Massachusetts Food Trust Program and an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit. However, his budget included nearly 6M in reductions to other community public health programs. Among the line-items that were cut are Environmental Health, Community Health Centers, Prostate Research, Public Health Evaluation, Smoking Cessation and Family Health. Fortunately, the legislature moved quickly to override all of the reductions to public health programs. The final budget is a 1.7 percent increase from fiscal year 2015 in total DPH community based programs. Even with this increase from last fiscal year, total DPH funding for community based programs is still 17 percent lower than pre-recession levels.

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