Upcoming Hearings and MPHA Priority Legislation Status Updates

Important public health hearings coming up in September:

9.15.15 – Local Public Health Commission Bill
“An Act establishing the special commission on local and regional public health” sponsored by Rep. Garlick – 1pm before the Public Health Committee.

9.15.15 – Zoning Reform Hearing
“An Act promoting the planning and development of sustainable communities” (Zoning Reform for Healthy Community Design), sponsored by Sen. Wolf and Rep. Kulik – 10:30am – before the Community Development Committee.

9.16.15 – Shared Use Bill Hearing
“An Act to support schools and communities to increase opportunities for physical activity” (Shared Used Bill) sponsored by Rep. Michlewitz – 10am – before the Education Committee.

If you would like to testify at any of the above hearings you can contact Maddie Ribble, Policy Director at: mribble@mapublichealth.org.

Status updates on MPHA priority bills:

“An Act to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the Commonwealth” sponsored by Rep. Sanchez was reported favorably by Joint Committee on Health Care Financing.

“An Act to Promote Physical Education” sponsored by Sen. McGee was reported favorably by the Education Committee.

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