Obama Administration Unveils New Regulations to Fight Housing Segregation

On July 8, 2015 the Obama Administration unveiled stricter regulations regarding federal funding for housing. The new rules are intended to bolster the 1968 Fair Housing Act’s mandate that localities proactively promote racial desegregation in housing. Under the new rules, local governments must show that they are actively working to end housing segregation.

In an article for The Nation, PolicyLink CEO Angela Glover Blackwell writes that while past housing segregation policies are now illegal, those patterns of segregation overlap with poverty and disinvestment in communities today. These communities suffer substandard schools and lower life expectancy among other things.  She writes about the new regulations, “The new rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), seeks to remedy such conditions by empowering local leaders to more effectively recognize racism, discrimination, and persistent patterns of segregation and address these issues by ensuring that all their residents have access to vital community resources.”

Read “How Obama’s New Housing Rules Help Fight Modern-Day Segregation” by Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO of PolicyLink.

Read New York Times article on the New Regulations.

Click here for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s final rule and resources.

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