Beyond Boston: Notes from the Field July 2015

While MPHA’s office is in Boston—just yards from the State House—much of our work takes place elsewhere. Our field staff strive to be where they are needed to do four things:

  1. To share information with local partners about policies, programs and funding as they emerge and evolve;
  2. To learn first-hand about local/regional challenges and solutions;
  3. To inter-connect public health professionals, advocates, academics, and elected officials to help each other; and
  4. To grow the statewide network of public health advocates who take action when needed.

This summer our two field staffers—Andrea Freeman and Kristina St. Cyr—have been on the move. Here are some photos to provide some glimpses of their work.


Lowell, MA – We helped local partners advocate for a Complete Streets policy. The transportation committee unanimously recommended it to the full City Council.


Pittsfield, MA – A newly established coalition, Berkshire Interfaith Organizing, invited us to their Food Security Team meeting to explain how the MA Food Trust would work and how they might get involved. We’re thrilled they are now organizational supporters of this campaign!

7.23.15_HHS AdvCouncil_Barnstable

Barnstable, MA – We provided a policy update to Barnstable County’s Health & Human Services Advisory Council and got to learn about efforts on the Cape to improve healthy food access, reduce suicides, improve housing, reduce substance abuse, and much more. (Do you recognize the blonde woman on the right?)


Greenfield, MA – After MassDOT’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board meeting, MPHA Field Director Andrea Freeman checked out a section of the Franklin County Bikeway with MassDOT and MDPH staffers. Collaboration in motion!

Springfield_MSHTFSpringfield_Transpo Equity

Springfield, MA – We participated in a brainstorming/strategy session with staffers of the Mason Square Health Task Forces and also provided an advocacy training for a team of emerging leaders focused on transportation equity.


Brockton, MA – We love outdoor meetings at the Fuller Craft Museum! Especially when we get to strategize with Brockton’s Promise; their Healthy Start Task Force is eager to help advance the MA Food Trust.

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