Safe Routes to School National Partnership Releases Report on the Intersection of Transportation and Equity

Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a fast-growing network of hundreds of organizations, government agencies and professional groups working to set goals, share best practices, leverage infrastructure and program funding and advance policy change to help agencies that implement Safe Routes to School programs.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s mission is to advance safe walking and bicycling to and from schools, and in daily life, to improve the health and well-being of America’s children and to foster the creation of livable, sustainable communities.

The Partnership recently released their report titled, “At the Intersection of Active Transportation and Equity: Joining Forces to Make Communities Healthier and Fairer.”  The overarching goal of the report is making communities safe, healthy, and fair across racial and income lines.  The report demonstrates the high level of disparities when it comes to transportation in relation to factors such as income level and race.

Low income communities are at greater risk for bicycle accidents and other pedestrian related accidents than high income communities.  High income communities tend to have more marked cross walks than low income communities do, as well as more requirements for bike lanes.  Race is also a factor when it comes to transportation.  Racial profiling has been an issue in many communities across the country, including police targeting bicyclists of color, and drivers’ discriminatory treatment of non-white pedestrians.

These factors lead to an inequitable transportation system and create barriers and challenges for many communities in achieving a culture of healthy and active living.  Organizations such as the National League of Cities, Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, and the Los Angeles Country Bicycle Coalition are just a few working with the Partnership to address barriers to transportation and equity in communities across the country.

In a recent webinar, Safe Routes to School brought together these organizations to focus on the challenges and successes they face in their communities as they work on transportation and equity.

For more information on the report and a recording of the webinar you can visit:

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