Take Action for Transportation – Contact your State Rep Today!

We at MPHA want to ensure that all communities have access to healthy affordable food, safe places for physical activity, and a healthy built environment – this includes supporting a healthy and active transportation system for all!

The Joint Committee on Transportation approved legislation to fund and reform public transportation in Massachusetts and now it’s moving towards passage, but it will need your help to get there.

This legislation will give our Governor the tools needed to move our transit system forward while maintaining a system that is reliable, adequately funded, and affordable.

Healthy communities require an equitable transportation system! Please join us in this effort and contact your legislators today by clicking here.

Here are the key provisions in the version that the Joint Committee on Transportation has approved:

  • It Keeps MBTA fares affordable and predictable:  The Joint Committee bill maintains the MBTA fare cap of 5% every two years.  Commuters need to be able to predict how much it will cost to ride the T.  Eliminating the cap could cause a large spike in fares, which would burden riders and reduce ridership.
  • It provides promised statewide transportation funding:  The Joint Committee bill supports contract assistance for the MBTA, and transfers to the Commonwealth Transportation fund.  Transportation agencies rely on taxpayer support to ensure that roads are not congested, that services meet demand, and everyone can get to work and school reliably.  The Governor’s original bill reduced this funding by $581 million and the Joint Committee has restored it.
  • It support Regional Transit needs:  Please support the Joint Committee’s innovative proposal to allow Regional Transit Authorities to reinvest funds they raise independently without jeopardizing state support, and to spread capital investments over multiple budget years.  Our 15 RTAs serve a vital role all throughout the state, and need to be supported.

As the legislative process continues, your voice matters! We urge you to contact your legislators today and ask them to support these responsible provisions in the Joint Committee’s bill.

Thank you!

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