Job Posting for ReThink Health: Senior Lead, Inclusive Business Planning for Health

Title: Senior Lead, Inclusive Business Planning for Health

Organization: ReThink Health

Brief Summary of Position:

ReThink Health seeks an experienced and dynamic leader to become Senior Lead, Inclusive Business Planning for Health. As opposed to traditional business planning, Inclusive Business Planning for Health will engage multiple stakeholders and cross-sector leaders in a collaborative process of regional rethinking and redesign of their systems of health. As an employee of the Rippel Foundation dedicated to its collaborative ReThink Health initiative, the Senior Lead will work closely with the Director of Strategy and Innovation, the Director of Practice Development and Integration, and the entire ReThink Health team, as well as with a wide array of regional stakeholders and catalytic national organizations. S/he will be responsible for advancing the strategy and guiding the implementation of a new and inclusive approach to business planning as a way to drive integrated regional change.

In addition to guiding efforts to embed this approach across the organization, the Senior Lead will have primary responsibility for the execution of a targeted three-year project, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Rippel Foundation. The project includes a national business planning Challenge to identify and support regions poised for progress and to test the effectiveness of the approach as a tool for accelerating whole system change. This is a full-time position that we expect will continue beyond the period of grant support. This is an exceptional opportunity for an enterprising individual with strong experience in business and finance, knowledge of health and health care, a track record of managing complex projects, and a passion for multi-organizational engagement. We are looking for the right individual who desires to make a difference, thrives in collaborative settings, and possesses a natural affinity for forging new pathways.

The Senior Lead, Inclusive Business Planning for Health will report to and partner with the Director of Strategy and Innovation, Bobby Milstein, PhD, MPH, and will supervise a Business Planning Associate. With a primary objective to test inclusive business planning as a way to help build a culture of health, in this hands-on role the Senior Lead will be primarily responsible for the execution of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-supported project, including coordinating collaborative and iterative stages of detailed project design, overseeing the work plan, guiding resource deployment, coordinating the extended project team, and managing the budget. As a core team member, s/he will also develop and deliver key elements of the work plan and assure that learning and emerging ideas are captured and integrated into the project and across ReThink Health. The Senior Lead will be a visible spokesperson for the effort and share responsibility for building an array of relationships critical to project success.

Other specific responsibilities, many of which are part of the project proposal and design, include but are not limited to:

  • Helping to design and oversee a profile of regional redesign efforts across the country and assess their readiness and interest in accelerating their processes of change
  • Assuring appropriate design and delivery of training and support for project applicants and finalists, as well as for the extended networks of judges and advisors drawing on ReThink Health and others
  • Recruiting and coordinating the Advisory Group and assuring their ongoing enthusiasm and participation
  • Engaging with regional leadership teams and organizations as partners and participants
  • Designing and executing a detailed Challenge process, including templates, letters of intent, proposal review and ratings, participant conferences, and more
  • Capturing and documenting procedures, lessons, and stories at each stage of the project and proactively identifying ways that sharing can accelerate project goals
  • Helping design and execute outreach and communications strategies to educate on the concept of inclusive business planning and its impact as well as to attract Challenge participants
  • Supporting the ongoing relationship with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Helping identify and secure funding for related and next-stage projects
  • Serving as a role model and supporting the collaborative culture and values of the Foundation and ReThink Health

The project team will include four staff FTEs plus almost another two FTEs of consultant time. Two full-time positions for this project include the Senior Lead and Associate. Other ReThink Health team members will be available ranging from 10% to 35% of their time. Expertise includes strategy and oversight (Principal Investigators), stewardship, practice integration, finance, organization and engagement coaching, communications, and evaluation. In addition, consultants will be hired to support the project. Specialties may include writing and editing, dynamic modeling, systems strategy, communications, coaching, stakeholder engagement, meeting coordination, evaluation, and more.

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