Finding Reliable and Sustainable Solutions to MBTA Woes

On Wednesday, April 22, the Baker Administration proposed new legislation to address critical problems with the MBTA. The proposals follow a report given by the Governor’s Special Panel on the MBTA. The Special Panel rejected a reform v. revenue approach to stabilizing the troubled transit system. The proposed legislation, however, would restructure MBTA governance while shifting revenue away from the T and eliminating the legislatively mandated fare cap which protects riders from frequent and excessive fare increases. These proposals may force riders to choose between affordability and adequate service in the future and will likely leave riders paying more for the same level of service. MPHA prioritizes supporting adequate transportation revenue and funding for public and active transportation. We look forward to working with Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), other advocates, and the Administration to find a reliable and sustainable solution to our state’s transportation problems.

For more information read T4MA’s Statement on the Special Panel Report and T4MA’s Statement on the Governor’s MBTA Legislation.

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