Job Posting for Raise Up Massachusetts: Coalition Coordinator

Title: Coalition Coordinator

Organization: Raise Up Massachusetts

Brief Summary of Position:

Raise Up Massachusetts is committed to building an economy that works for all of us: an economy that invests in workers and their families, gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, and creates broadly shared prosperity.

We work to pass laws, through the Legislature or at the ballot box, that support working families with jobs that pay a living wage and policies that allow them to balance work and family. To support important investments in our people and communities, we believe everyone should be asked to contribute their fair share.

The Coalition Coordinator will strengthen our coalition over the next 18 months by unifying our coalition’s three priorities.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Maintaining and driving a coordinated calendar between Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML), Fight for $15 Living Wage (FFF), and raising progressive revenue.
  • Ensuring communication between the campaign subcommittee tables as well as communicating benchmarks to consultants.
  • Building the Campaigns through recruitment of allied organizations, social media and grassroots mobilization of our base constituencies (e.g. urban communities, union members, people of faith, and progressives), and training the memberships of endorsing organizations.
  • Coordinating a concerted legislative campaign leading up to and through 2016.
  • Possibly coordinating a signature gathering campaign(s) in 2015 and 2017.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Help develop and implement campaign plan and message.
  • Oversee campaign budget and make budgetary recommendations.
  • Make certain the campaign budget reflects the campaign’s strategic decisions and make the necessary adjustments when it does not.
  • Raise money.
  • Staff the Raise Up steering committee and subcommittee meetings, working with members and facilitators
  • Establish reporting procedures for staff and staff of allied organizations.
  • Develop and maintain contact with community and interest group leaders.
  • Run the daily operations, including administrative responsibility such as note taking and maintaining a comprehensive campaign calendar.
  • Keep the campaign staff and leaders “on message.”

To Apply: Send letter and resume to The Raise Up MA Steering Committee, c/o

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