Job Posting for Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation: President and CEO

Title: President and CEO

Organization: Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation

Brief Summary of Position:

DBEDC offers prospective candidates the opportunity to lead a long-standing, well-respected and innovative economic development corporation, which has had tremendous impact on its Dorchester community and the City of Boston since 1979. Clear priorities for the President/CEO include skillfully navigating the organization through its first leadership transition in twenty years, continuing to position and present DBEDC as the “go to”, innovative leader in community development in the City, refining DBEDC’s strategic focus to maximize impact and ensure long-term sustainability, advocating passionately for its community, and building and strengthening relationships between and amongst a committed board and highly engaged staff.

Minimal Credentials

  • Bachelor’s degree required;
  • Seven years of senior management required, preferably as the chief executive.

Skills and Experience

Strategic Planner and Implementer

The President/CEO must be able to determine the optimal strategic direction for DBEDC at this point in its life cycle and to manage the organization to achieve clearly defined goals and outcomes. To sustain its legacy as a highly innovative CDC/EDC, the new leader must also possess a flexible mindset so that DBEDC continues to envision, develop and take advantage of creative opportunities that arise, albeit ones that are well-aligned with the organization’s broader strategy.

Real Estate Development and Financial Acumen

The President/CEO must be able to firmly grasp and understand and translate for the board, the complexities associated with economic and real estate development, most particularly the financial and legal issues as they pertain to low-income and mixed use residential housing and commercial real estate. The ability to understand and ask informed questions about complex financial statements, real estate financing and cash flow projections are key skills required, as well as the ability to communicate these complex issues to less financially sophisticated audiences.

Team Builder and Partner with Staff and Board

The ideal leader will have experience working in a leadership role in an organization of similar size and complexity and possess the ability to inspire, develop and empower staff and to build a cohesive senior leadership team. The President/CEO must possess the desire and skill to develop a strong partnership with the board, help guide them to strike the appropriate balance between governance and management, and proactively leverage the individual and collective contributions of its members.

Passionate Community Advocate

Tirelessly and relentlessly, the President/CEO must commit to advocating for and partnering with the Dorchester Bay community to develop housing, increase economic development and organize the community to build a healthier mixed neighborhood. To do this well, in addition to anticipating community needs, the new leader must be an exceptionally active listener, willing to consider the opinions of others and to be self-reflective and responsive.

Experienced Fundraiser

The President/CEO must be an experienced fundraiser who can develop and execute a comprehensive, professional fundraising program across a range of funders including government agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals. To sustain and grow DBEDC’s fundraising program, the new leader must embrace and fully perform the President/CEO’s role in fundraising, and expand, utilize and leverage available networks and relationships including those of board members and development staff.

Partner and Collaborator

To create and manage visionary and innovative development projects and programs which are mutually beneficial to all parties involved, the President/CEO must be proactive in building and sustaining collaborative relationships with community representatives, State, City and local government leaders and businesses, and other community and economic development corporations. The President/CEO must be seen by all as an honest, straightforward and responsive partner and collaborator who can be trusted to get the job done.

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