Massachusetts to Receive $8 million in New Prevention Funding

On September 25th, the Centers for Disease Control announced 193 awards totaling nearly $212 million for states, cities, counties, tribes, and organizations across the country to create and sustain programs to prevent and combat chronic diseases. The grants are organized into six programs that focus on populations most severely impacted from chronic disease- the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. A majority of these grants are from the Prevention and Public Health Fund- the nation’s first investment targeting the prevention of disease and illness. These new Community Prevention Grants will benefit all states, with Massachusetts receiving a total a 6 awards that will result in $8,329,650 worth of funding.

Breakdown of funding for Massachusetts:

1. State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease; State Public Health Actions ($4,108,665)

These grant awards to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health aim to reduce health disparities and prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease and stroke through community and health system interventions. The state will use the funding to support environmental and system approaches to promote health and make healthy choices easy. Additionally, the state will be required to promote connections and collaborations between the clinical setting and the community. The Massachusetts DPH will be able to make this happen by re-granting portions of the award to community organizations across the Commonwealth.

2. Partnerships to Improve Community Health ($1,800,000)

This award to the Boston Public Health Commission will support work to improve health and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. The intent of this award is to use evidence and practice based strategies to create and strengthen healthy environments, with added emphasis on vulnerable populations. Issues to be tackled include: reduction of tobacco use and exposure, improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and improved access to chronic disease prevention, risk reduction, and management opportunities.

3. Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) ($2,360,985)

REACH focuses on communities experiencing poor health outcomes. The $2,360,985 worth of funding in this grant category will be dispersed among three Massachusetts agencies and organizations: the Boston Public Health Commission, Old Colony Y, and Partners in Health. Recipients will use the funding to improve the capacity of communities to implement programs to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health. Specifically, they will use public health strategies to expand access to tobacco-free environments and physical activity; increase the consumption of fruit, vegetables and healthy beverages; and promote the use of community-based resources. Awardees will improve the quality of life in communities, prevent premature deaths and reduce medicals costs.

The three programs that will provide funding to Massachusetts will work to coordinate prevention activities to achieve the reduction of rates of death and disability due to tobacco use; reduce prevalence of obesity; and reduce rates of death and disability due to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. MPHA thanks those who have been supporters of the Fund and have worked to secure public health monies for the state. We ask that you continue to commit to the Fund and ensure investment for healthy communities continues to grow in the coming years.

For more information read the TFAH press release, the BPHC news release, and the announcement by the CDC.

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