Join Us: Say ‘No’ to Crumbling Roads & Bridges- Vote ‘NO’ on Question 1

This November 4th, Massachusetts residents will be voting on a statewide ballot question that would eliminate gas tax indexing. Passage of Question 1 would be a step backwards, causing our roads, bridges, public transportation, bikeways and sidewalks to fall into further disrepair, while increasing the significant public safety crisis we face.  It will hurt our economic competitiveness, and threaten the gains we have made towards a sustainable, healthy, and equitable transportation system.

The campaign formed to oppose this ballot question, the Committee for Safer Roads and Bridges, just launched a campaign website. Transportation for Massachusetts, a coalition MPHA is a member of, is helping lead the fight against the repeal.

Protecting funding for roads, bridges, and safe, active streets is an important public health priority. The built environment encompasses transportation and neighborhood safety- components of public health that could be severely inhibiting for the health Massachusetts residents if Question 1 passes. At MPHA we have worked diligently to pass legislation to Complete Streets, helping to make our streets places where residents can be active, healthy, and safe. These great gains for public health have the potential to be drastically damaged and reversed without your help in opposing Question 1.

We urge you to join us and vote NO on Question 1 on November 4th.

To help us grow the campaign and give us the best chance at defeating Question 1, we ask that you to visit the campaign’s website, and sign up. Additionally, you can follow @VoteNoOnQ1 on Twitter to help spread awareness of this important public health issue.

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