Looking at Affordable Housing and Community Development Under Next MA Governor

Affordable housing is more than quantity and cost of homes. On July 9, the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, Inc. (CHAPA) held a Gubernatorial Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development at Faneuil Hall to identify what candidates for governor plan to do to create and sustain safe, affordable, productive, healthy, and successful households for Massachusetts citizens.

The panel was moderated by WGBH’s Callie Crossley and participants included six candidates for governor of Massachusetts: Donald Berwick, Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, Mark Fisher, Steven Grossman, and Jeff McCormick. Candidates discussed a more well-rounded, holistic approach to housing- one that addresses not only quantity and affordability of housing, but safety and jobs for residents to help end the cycle of poverty that includes housing. The discussion also included thoughts on transportation, aging, business development, and job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.10353422_544585295667342_27714769722484045_o

The forum painted a clear picture that the links between housing, health, and poverty are strong and need to be addressed concurrently in order to effectively implement affordable housing opportunities and foster community development. MPHA thanks CHAPA for hosting an eye-opening and informative event. For a closer look at the event, check out the photos CHAPA posted from July 9 and follow the Twitter hashtag #Housing4Gov to see live tweets from the event and better understand where each candidate stands on the issue.

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