Victory on Minimum Wage Front; Push to Secure Earned Sick Time on Fall Ballot

In a major victory for social justice, Governor Patrick last week signed a law which will raise the Massachusetts minimum wage to $11 per hour by 2017, the highest in the nation! The law will also increase wages for tipped workers.  The increase will impact over 605,000 workers across the Commonwealth, helping many struggling families to achieve better economic mobility. In addition, we know that poverty is a leading cause of poor health. Raising the floor for the lowest paid workers in the state will contribute to healthier families and communities.

Raise Up Massachusetts, the coalition that led the minimum wage effort and was prepared to put a question on the ballot this fall, declared victory and will withdraw their planned ballot petition.

Raise Up Massachusetts – with the support of MPHA – will now shift focus to ensuring all workers have access to earned sick time, an issue which will be before voters in this November’s election. Earned sick time for workers is essential for good public health. Earned sick time will eliminate the need for individuals to make the difficult decision to lose wages or infect others when ill. The Earned Sick Time ballot initiative will ensure that all workers in Massachusetts can earn time to take care of their own health, the health of their children and close family members without losing critical wages or their job. Read more about the importance of earned sick time in Massachusetts.

Read more on Mass Live.

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