MPHA Urges Congress, CDC to Support Innovative Local Programs

MPHA has joined 17 colleagues from across the state in calling on our Congressional delegation to address potential damaging impacts from changes in  federal chronic disease funding, including the elimination of funding for the Community Transformation Grant (CTG) program.

CTG funding has allowed Massachusetts to expand the successful Mass in Motion program to 52 communities. In just two and half years, leaders in these communities have had a tremendous impact on creating healthy environments in their cities and towns . The federal budget passed in January terminated CTG in midstream, threatening to eliminate numerous successful programs early this fall. These programs’ successes and the progress to increase healthy living opportunities and reduce health disparities will now be significantly hampered, and possibly halted, by the reallocation of the new budget language.

MPHA and our partners are urging our Congressional delegation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to allocate the newly budgeted chronic disease resources swiftly, and in a way that restores successful programs aimed at improving long-term public health outcomes through expanded physical activity, healthy eating, and a smoke-free environment.

We are also seeking additional state funding to address the gap in funding created by the loss of the CTG program federally.


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