Municipal Leaders: Ask Secretary Davey to Fully Fund the Complete Streets Certification Program

If you are a Mayor, Town Manager, City Councilor, or Selectboard member, please join us in asking Transportation Secretary Rich Davey to fully fund the Complete Streets Certification Program, which has been authorized by the legislature at $50m over 5 years. This program will support cities and towns to invest in “complete streets” infrastructure that supports walking, biking, and transit in their communities. Complete streets can improve health, promote economic development, and increase quality of life.

More than two dozen municipal leaders joined us in calling for the Legislature to act, and your support made a tremendous difference.  Now it’s time to ask Secretary Davey for his support.

The full text of the sign-on letter is below.

To sign on, please click here or contact Maddie Ribble at



  • The 2014 Transportation Bond Bill authorizes $50 million in funding over five years to support cities and towns to invest in “complete streets” infrastructure that supports walking, biking, and transit in their communities.
  • “Complete streets” are streets designed to allow for more trips to be taken via active transportation such as walking and cycling. Complete streets support residents to lead more active, healthier lifestyles and promote economic development.
  • Communities can be certified by the Complete Streets Certification Program by adopting five simple and low-cost policies and procedures that support complete streets. Communities certified under the program would be eligible to compete for funding.
  • The legislature has authorized the funding. Now Governor Patrick and Secretary of Transportation Rich Davey must prioritize funding this program by issuing bonds in order to make that funding available to communities.

Text of Sign-On Letter for Mayors, Town Managers, City Councilors, and Selectboard members


Richard A. Davey
Secretary of Transportation and Chief Executive Officer
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4160
Boston, MA 02116

RE: Implementation of Active Streets Certification Program

Dear Secretary Davey:

We applaud your efforts to promote a wide range of transportation options on our local and state roadways, including safe access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. The residents of our cities and towns want more transportation options that are safe, affordable, and convenient, and we appreciate MassDOT’s leadership to support the infrastructure that makes this possible. The Mode Shift Goal, the Healthy Transportation Compact, and the Healthy Transportation Directive are just a few areas where MassDOT has provided leadership that is improving quality of life in the Commonwealth.

As you know, the Legislature recently authorized $50 million to implement a new Active Streets Certification Program as part of the Transportation Bond Bill. We ask for your support to fully fund this program and to begin the implementation process in a timely manner.

This program would support cities and towns across the Commonwealth to implement “Complete Streets” policies by creating a grant program for which they would become eligible after taking simple steps to be certified, similar to the successful and popular Green Communities Act.

The Active Streets Certification Program will help the state reach the goal set by MassDOT to triple the number of walking, cycling, and public transportation trips by 2030 while simultaneously decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing physical activity. We know that when communities invest in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, that residents and visitors take advantage of it. This is true in rural, suburban, and urban areas alike, though the specific type of infrastructure differs by community type.

Complete Streets also contribute to quality of life in our cities and towns, encouraging residents and visitors to shop locally, helping to attract and retain workplaces and employees, and increasing real estate values.

Many cities and towns in Massachusetts have already taken steps to implement Complete Streets, but we face limited resources to move this important priority forward. This program would provide the necessary incentives and resources to support even more cities and towns to advance Complete Streets.

Thank you for your support for healthy and vibrant communities.


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