Take Action for Public Health Funding Today!

The House Committee on Ways and Means is currently writing their version of the FY15 state budget. We need your help today to make the case for investments in public health!

It is especially important that we make the case for those essential services that we all depend on every day, but which few of us pause to consider carefully – things like food protection, indoor air quality, communicable disease control, and health care facility inspections. As the FY15 state budget is written, we ask you to read MPHA’s letter to legislators which outlines our budget priorities and join us in advocating for increased public health support.  You can help by contacting your Representative and asking him or her to support investments in the Department of Public Health. You can find your representative’s contact information here. If you don’t know who your representative is, please click here.

Last year, the legislature made several targeted investments in public health infrastructure- increased spending which you fought hard for along with MPHA.  These include increases of $1.1 million to Environmental Public Health Services and $1.5 million to Health Care Quality. But there is much work still to be done after years of devastating budget cuts.

If we speak up together in support of public health funding, we can make a difference.  

For more information on the FY15 budget, you can read MPHA’s statement on the Governor’s January budget proposal here. For additional information on these amendments or for other questions about state public health funding, please contact Maddie Ribble at mribble@mphaweb.org.

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