APHA Calls on Pharmacies to Join CVS in Removing Tobacco Products

MPHA applauds the decision by CVS Caremark to no longer sell or distribute tobacco products as of October 2014.  And we join with the American Public Health Association in calling on other pharmacies to follow CVS’ lead and and stop selling tobacco products.  Please add your name to the call by signing APHA’s petition.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the country, and tobacco-related deaths and injuries cost the United States over $176 billion annually. CVS Caremark’s decision is a result of years of pressure from advocates to eliminate tobacco products from pharmacies.

MPHA is a part of the Tobacco Free Mass Coalition, which released a statement on CVS’ decision, saying in part: “As key players in the health care system, pharmacies should be striving to improve the health of their customers, rather than profiting from selling cigarettes and other tobacco products that cause death and disease”.

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