MassDOT’s Issues Healthy Transportation Policy Directive

Last month, MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey issued a new “Healthy Transportation Policy Directive” that represents a major step forward for implementing goals long held by MassDOT to promote complete streets and to increase biking, walking, and public transit. The Directive, signed by all of MassDOT’s division heads, requires that all transportation projects must be reviewed against the goal to triple the amount of biking, walking, and transit use by 2030.  And instead of just being a recommendation, the new directive requires any project which does not support this goal to receive sign-off directly from the Secretary .  The Directive also provides guidance on project design to better accommodate pedestrian, cyclists, and public transit. To read the Healthy Transportation Policy Directive, click here. To learn more about the GreenDOT initiative that aims to promote healthy transportation and smart growth and reduce green house gas emissions, click here.

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