Call for Nominations – MPHA Leadership Pipeline

The MPHA Nominating Committee is working on developing a “leadership pipeline” whereby we will identify a robust list of individuals to become more involved in MPHA board and committees.  We expect that by engaging our members in this way we will gain fresh perspectives and ideas, and begin to identify future board members. We invite you to nominate yourself or a colleague!

The MPHA Nominating Committee has established the following priority skills:

  • Marketing,  communication,  IT,  fiscal management
  • Development, major donor experience
  • Obesity prevention (including built environment/physical activity/food systems expertise)
  • Community organizing , legislative advocacy, coalition building

MPHA strives for diversity by age, gender, race, ethnicity, and geography.

MPHA Board Member Job Description:

  • Regularly attends Board meetings and important related meetings
  • Makes a commitment to participate actively in at least one committee
  • Commitment to organization financially through annual “give” and “get” activities
  • Acts as an ambassador of the organization in all external relations
  • Strategic planning including annual review of programs and projects
  • Assisting staff with fundraising, outreach, and events as appropriate

Please send your recommendations or resumes for the MPHA leadership pipeline to Toby Fisher at

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