Prevention Trust Nears Launch; Governor Names MPHA’s Toby Fisher to Advisory Board

The Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund was once just an idea.  Last year it was passed into law.  Later this summer, we expect the program to officially launch.

Earlier this spring, Governor Patrick appointed MPHA Executive Director Toby Fisher to the Prevention and Wellness Advisory Board, which will advise the Department of Public Health (DPH) as they roll out the Trust.  The Advisory Board membership – nearly complete after some delays in appointments – is expected to hold their first meeting in the next several weeks.

Since passage of the law last year, staff at DPH have been hard at work compiling data required under the law on the costly and preventable health conditions that impact Massachusetts residents, as well as the evidence-based interventions to address those conditions.   This data will guide the development of a funding strategy and an RFR.  We anticipate that an RFR will be released later this summer.  We will share more information as soon as it is available.

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