114 Legislators Sign Onto MPHA Priority Bills!

Thanks to the calls and emails from MPHA members and partners across the state, well over 100 legislators signed onto priority legislation!  This is a very strong start to the session and gives us and our partners tremendous momentum heading into the session.

Read on for the full list of co-sponsors. Please look for your legislators in the list below, and thank them for their support.

Active Streets Bill
Lead Sponsors: Senator Chandler and Representative Lewis. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Atkins, Balser, Coakley-Rivera, Ehrlich, Fox, Gordon, Hecht, Henriquez, Hogan, Kaufman, Keefe, Khan, Lawn, McMurtry, Provost, Rosa, Sannicandro, Schmid, Scibak, Sciortino, Silvia, Smizik, Stanley, Swan, Vega, Chris Walsh, Walz, and Senators Brownsberger, Candaras, DiDomenico, Eldridge, Montigny, Michael Moore.

Transportation Investment Act
Lead Sponsors: Senator Clark and Representatives Farley-Bouvier and Sciortino. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Andrews, Ashe, Brady, Coakley-Rivera, Conroy, Devers, Garballey, Gobi, Hecht, Kaufman, Keefe, Khan, Kulik, Lewis, O’Day, Provost, Sannicandro, Schmid, Scibak, Silvia, Smizik, Stanley, Swan, Toomey, Vega, Chris Walsh, and Senators Barrett, Brownsberger, Candaras, DiDomenico Jehlen.

An Act Relative to Childhood Obesity
Lead Sponsors: Representative Khan. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Andrews, Conroy, Devers, Hecht, Lawn, Lewis, Malia, Rogers, Smizik, Story and Senators Eldridge, Jehlen.

An Act Promoting the Planning and Development of Sustainable Communities (Zoning Reform)
Lead Sponsors: Senator Wolf and Representative Kulik. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Andrews, Atkins, Benson, Binienda, Cabral, Cantwell, Cariddi, Coakley-Rivera, Cutler, DiNatale, Dykema, Ehrlich, Finn, Garballey, Gobi, Gordon, Gregoire, Hecht, Honan, Kafka, Kaufman, Keefe, Khan, Kocot, Koczera, Lawn, Lewis, Linsky, Madden, McMurtry, Murphy, Nangle, Peake, Provost, Rogers, Rogers, Rosa, Roy, Schmid, Scibak, Sciortino, Silvia, Smizik, Story, Straus, Swan, Turner, Vega, Chris Walsh and Senators Barrett, Brownsberger, Chandler, Donoghue, Eldridge, Jehlen, Michael Moore.

Closing the “Other Tobacco Products” Tax Loophole to Invest in the Prevention and Wellness Trust
Lead Sponsors: Senator Chandler and Representative Hecht. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Andrews, Atkins, Balser, Brady, Brodeur, Cariddi, Coakley-Rivera, Conroy, Decker, Ehrlich, Farley-Bouvier, Gregoire, Heroux, Holmes, Kafka, Kaufman, Khan, Kocot, Kulik, Lawn, Lewis, Linsky, Provost, Rogers, Sannicandro, Scibak, Sciortino, Silvia, Smizik, Story, and Senators Brownsberger, Candaras, Chang-Diaz, Jehlen, Spilka.

Physical Activity and Physical Education for Healthy Kids Act
Lead Sponsors: Senator McGee and Representative Sánchez. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Atkins, Balser, Cantwell, Coakley-Rivera, Conroy, Decker, Devers, Fennell, Forry, Fox, Garballey, Garry, Gregoire, Haddad, Hecht, Henriquez, Hogan, Kafka, Kaufman, Khan, Lewis, Madden, McMurtry, Murphy, Provost, Rogers, Rosa, Sannicandro, Scibak, Sciortino, Silvia, Smizik, Stanley, Story, Chris Walsh, and Senators Brownsberger, Candaras, DiDomenico, Donoghue, Eldridge, Jehlen, Knapik, Rush, Spilka.

An Act to Expand Access to Healthy Foods
Lead Sponsors: Senator Michael Moore and Representative Dorcena Forry. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Atkins, Cariddi, Coakley-Rivera, Conroy, Decker, Gordon, Hecht, Holmes, Khan, Kocot, Lewis, Malia, Rosa, Sciortino, Silvia, Smizik, Story, Vega and Senators DiDomenico, Eldridge, Rodrigues, Spilka, Welch, Wolf.

­­Public Health Volunteer Responder Bill
Lead Sponsors: Senator Richard Moore and Representative Denise Garlick. Co-Sponsors: Representatives Arciero, Beaton, Bradley, Boldyga, Calter, Cantwell, Conroy, Cutler, DeMacedo, Ferguson, Frost, Harrington, Hecht, Hill, Hogan, Howitt, Humason, Khan, Koczera, Jones, Kuros, Lawn, Lewis, Peterson, Poirier, Provost, Scibak, Sciortino, Silvia, Smola, Stanley, Winslow.

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